Stefanini and the Digital Revolution: Transforming and Being Transformed (Portuguese)

Published 11 Dec 2017
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Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 31 page(s)

Thirty years after being founded by CEO Marco Stefanini, Stefanini is one of the largest providers of ICT services in Latin America. Unlike most Brazilian (and Latin American) companies, Stefanini has focused on international markets for many years. As a truly global company with presence in 41 countries it is one of the most globalized companies in Brazil, with 21, 200 employees and over US$800 million in revenues. In 2017, Stefanini is helping many companies with their digital transformation/journey, while at the same time being transformed itself as traditional sources of revenue diminish/disappear. Hence digital is both a great opportunity (in terms of new business) but also a challenge. How Stefanini will transform itself? What avenues to growth exist, and what alternatives in terms of new business models, new geographies, acquisitions?

Teaching objectives

Discuss how a Latin American company became a global player in the ICT sector, and how it is helping companies worldwide with their digital journeys as well as being transformed itself.

  • Digital transformation
  • Internationalization
  • Information technology
  • Global strate
  • Emerging Markets
  • Brazil
  • Outsourcing.