Google Street View in France (A): Building Buzz for a New Product Launch

Published 20 Apr 2011
Reference 5798
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 11 page(s)
Language English

Google Street View (GSV) is a feature of Google’s mapping products where users zoom in on street maps to see panoramic photographs of streets. It launched in 2007 in the US, and in France in 2008. This case describes the campaigns Google ran in 2008 to introduce GSV in France.

Teaching objectives

This case details the two launch campaigns for Google Street View (GSV) in France. Both relied on the word-of-mouth/buzz generated to drive interest in GSV and Google Maps. This case can be used to cover buzz marketing and for discussions about how to sustain the buzz in the post-campaign period.

  • Technology
  • New product launch
  • Word of mouth
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Google
  • Buzz
  • Publicity
  • RD0311
  • AR2011
  • AR1011
  • IAF 10/11
  • IAF 2520555
  • European Competitiveness
  • Europe
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