“The 4 Quadrants”: A World of Risk and a Road Map to Understand It

Published 28 Jun 2010
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Region Global
Length 11 page(s)
Language English

Attempting to classify, rank and understand the different types of risk we face in our businesses, investments and in day to day life is not easy. Degrees of magnitude are difficult to sort if outcomes are non-linear, subject to crowd valuation and part of complex systems. We need a broad framework to understand risk and a roadmap to guide us when we get lost.

Teaching objectives

It is safe to assume that all MBA students will face risk management responsibilities at one point in their career. Every decision involving growth and the pursuit of a better life (for yourself or others) involves risk. The broad framework of risk presented here, with four major classifications, will not only help with case studies in class, but also offer guidance for future risk management challenges.

  • Risk Management
  • Resilience and Redundancy
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Types of Risk
  • Four Quadrants
  • Coconut Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Fat Tails
  • RD0510
  • AR2010
  • AR0910
  • Corporate Governance
  • Auditing, Risk Control and Performance