Annet Aris

Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy
The case describes the success story of Al Jazeera how it developed from a controversial Arab news channel to a globally respected brand. But how sustainable is Al Jazeera's success? Can it truly transform from an Arabic news channel into an international media network? Can it both leverage and demystify the original Al Jazeera brand when catering to global media consumers?

Published 26 Jul 2010

Reference 5691

Topic Strategy

Industry Newspapers Online Media

Region Middle-East

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The objective of the case is to illustrate a market shaper's strategic challenges of staying innovative in a rapidly changing industry in a developing market environment with strong boundary conditions. Also the case illustrates the internal challenges of professionalising a company with significant creative forces and an entrepreneurial culture.

Published 25 May 2010

Reference 5702

Topic Strategy

Industry Online Media Media Production

Region Middle-East

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The case puts the reader in the position of a fictional venture capitalist considering an investment in Facebook. As part of the investment decision process, the protagonist analyzes the evolution of online social networks (OSN), the market profile and the various existing business models and valuation approaches.

Published 26 Apr 2010

Reference 5696

Topic Economics & Finance

Industry Internet Online Media

Region North America

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Digital Transformation of Society, Industries and Companies, Corporate Governance