Should Business Influence the Science and Politics of Global Environmental Change? (A): The Oil Industry and Climate Change

Published 01 Aug 2001
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Topic Strategy
Industry Oil & Energy
Region Global
Length 19 page(s)
Language English

Case A: Presents three strategic options considered by a fictitious international oil and gas corporation to address the issue of climate change: fight against action, wait and see, and dynamic proactive.

Teaching objectives

Assess critical business strategies on global environmental risks and underlying ethical dilemmas; Acknowledge influence of business on scientific and political dimensions of society, and ethical responsibility as an inherent dimension of business global strategy; Reflect on ethical management of this influence; Reflect on the evolution of business responsibility.

  • Business ethics
  • Climate change
  • Oil industry
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Global environmental change
  • Kyoto protocol
  • Social responsibility
  • Global strategy. AR2001
  • RD0501