Robert Jones and the Eastbourne NHS Orthotics Clinic: Make or Buy?

Published 01 Sep 2006
Reference 5352
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 16 page(s)
Language English

This case describes how Robert Jones decides to go against the normal NHS practice and employ a full-time orthotist. He was under pressure with longer waiting lists and increasing patient complaints. In addition, the physiotherapy budget was going to be reduced by 3-4%, meaning that cost efficiency was paramount. It was a financial risk as the cost of employing a full-time orthotist was high, but in the long term he was convinced that savings would be made. The case shows how he decides to change practice and how his gamble paid off both financially and through increased customer/patient satisfaction.

Teaching objectives

- Assess the impact of make-or-buy decisions in terms of financial risk and cost reductions - Calculate changes in system capacity with the manipulation of staff and clinic scheduling to determine the effects on waiting time - Introduce concepts associated with service quality and its measurement within the context of clinical operations/services

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  • Healthcare Delivery and Management