Neighbours for Active Living: It Takes a Community to Maintain Health and Wellbeing of Seniors

Published 27 Nov 2017
Reference 6336
Topic Operations
Industry Biotechnology
Region Asia
Length 12 page(s)
Language English

In 2013, Eastern Health Alliance (EHA) launched the Neighbours for Active Living programme to reduce hospital readmissions among seniors in eastern Singapore. At its core, ‘Neighbours’ addressed the health care and social needs of high-risk residents within their homes, while building social support systems around them through community outreach. The case discusses the asset-based approach that inspired the concept as well as challenges such as measuring its effectiveness and the impact on patient outcomes.

Teaching objectives

The case can be used to discuss the following key themes. • The notion of population-based health care and how it differs from the traditional hospital-based care model, as well as asset-based approaches to care management. • A conceptual framework for exploring the potential for community-based models to improve population health and chronic diseases management. • The challenges of shifting care to within the community, and scaling up these efforts.

  • Population health
  • Aging in placeCommunity care model
  • Patient outcomes
  • Asset-based community development
  • Chronic disease management
  • Social capital
  • Community-based care
  • Social networks
  • Aging at home
  • Q11718