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Lean-Digital Transformation: Lorenzo Perez at BDLS

Published 12 Nov 2019
Reference 6506
Region Asia
Length 9 page(s)
Language English

An INSEAD alumnus is asked to lead a digital transformation effort in a large commercial bank. S/he designs the project, sources an entrepreneurial partner to provide the software platform, and runs a highly successful pilot test that saves millions of euros. Yet rolling out the new system to the rest of the organization proves to be almost impossible. Why, and what should s/he do next?

Teaching objectives

. Examine the change implications of a significant digital disruption project. . Explore the process of chartering and executing a digital transformation project. . Demonstrate the use of agile methods in a cross-functional digital transformation project. . Understand why successful transformative projects must be designed from their inception with scaling up in mind.

  • Digital
  • Digital transformation
  • Financial services
  • Change management
  • Leadership
  • Agile methodology
  • Cross-functional projects
  • Working with entrepreneurs
  • Q11920