KP Media (B): Surviving the Crisis

Published 27 May 2013
Reference 5973
Industry Publishing
Region Europe
Length 2 page(s)
Language English

In the 1990s, following the fall of the Soviet empire, a wave of English-language newspaper emerged in Eastern Europe. Among the most significant was the Kyiv Post, which by the end of the decade had established a reputation as the leading independent news source in Ukraine. From its shoestring beginnings, by 2006 it had become a $US55 million enterprise. However, the newspaper's independence and survival was severely tested in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Teaching objectives

The case aims to stimulate discussion about the commercial value of independence in news media, and how financial and content management are key to ensuring survival and ultimately prosperity in a media enterprise. The diverse ventures of KP Media underline the critical importance of strategic planning to achieve and maintain success. A further key issue is how alliances can support the offer and reduce the cost structure of independent media. A final, crucial issue is how to cope with severe pressure from stakeholders such as government in developing economies, while simultaneously maintaining the motivation and reputation of editorial staff.

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  • Ukraine
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