Etheryl (B): From Etheryl to Appsfire

Published 24 Feb 2014
Reference 5350
Region Europe
Length 19 page(s)
Language English

Case B takes up entrepreneur Yann Lechelle's story in 2006. Etheryl is a success and Yann is maintaining the all-important work/life balance. When two recent graduates from INSEAD offer to buy the company, the case follows the painful selling process and shows how his role changes. The focus then switches to Yann's new ventures: from an all-consuming venture, Kickyourapps, that has him working 20 hours a day, to his current company Appsfire where work/life balance is restored. It looks at the different vehicles for funding and approaches to raising finance.

Teaching objectives

The case focus is the challenge of transitioning from a lifestyle venture to a growth venture. It presents possible paths and outlines several financing and organisational alternatives to grow the venture. The case emphasizes the trade-off between resource leverage and control.

  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Venture Growth
  • Application Service Provider
  • Resource Leverage
  • Apps
  • Q21314
  • European Competitiveness
  • Europe