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Building a Team

Published 01 Apr 1995
Reference 4509
Region Asia
Length 4 page(s)
Language English

Building a Team Changing the Figures The Mess PT Kalimantan Pulp (A) Safety First? The Wife's Tale Workshop Incident A collection of eight cases that explore the cross-cultural tensions arising from the use of expatriate managers of many nationalities interacting with local workers during the building of a pulp mill in Indonesia. Among the issues covered are safety, team building, communication problems, conflict resolution, ethical dilemmas and the need to adapt management styles.

Teaching objectives

To illustrate the problems in managing multi-cultural teams in an Asia-Pacific environment. More specifically, the series takes issues encountered both by the expatriates and by corporations involving project management in a developing country, e.g. the problems of tensions between cultures, expatriate-local conflicts, bribery and corruption, multi-cultural team building, leadership style. Each case is short and can be used separately or combined with others.

  • AR1995
  • Team Building
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Cross-cultural Conflict
  • Leadership Styles
  • Communications
  • The Expatriates Process