Blue Ocean Leadership: How to Achieve High Impact at Low Cost

Published 13 Dec 2022
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Region North America
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This highly engaging exercise is designed to give participants a keen understanding of Blue Ocean Leadership and how to achieve high impact at low cost while saving time as leaders. Participants are introduced to a scenario-based exercise focusing on the fictional company Dunamis, an American video game company, and its recently appointed Director of Development, John Kedge. Kedge’s first challenge is to create and produce a differentiated and low-cost mobile game. But during the production phase, Kedge finds out that all his good employees are leaving. Turnover is high. People are demotivated. He has to hire massively and still keeps missing deadlines. Now Kedge is really behind schedule and getting pressure from his boss. The scenario-based exercise is an engaging way to learn how to apply the theory of Blue Ocean Leadership and its tools to achieve high-impact leadership fast and at low cost. The exercise comes with a Teaching Note and templates for participants to apply.

Teaching objectives

• Analyse the current leadership using the As-Is Leadership Canvas. This visual framework will help participants to get a clear picture of the current leadership reality and to understand the way employees experience this leadership and where it may be falling short. • Understand the Blue Ocean Grid. This is an action framework that drives participants to find out what leadership activities should be eliminated, reduced, raised, and created to create a step change in leadership strength and achieve high impact with a lower investment of time. The tool drives you to ask four questions that challenge the current leadership reality: - Eliminate: Which acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be eliminated? - Reduce: Which acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be reduced well below their current level? - Raise: Which acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be raised well above their current level? - Create: Which acts and activities should leaders invest their time and intelligence in that they currently don’t undertake? • With the help of the To-Be Leadership Canvas, develop a new, effective Blue Ocean Leadership profile that releases the unrealised talent and energy of employees and lifts individual and organisational performance.

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