Turkey: Between Ataturk and Islam?

Published 18 Jul 2011
Reference 5815
Region Other Regions
Length 36 page(s)
Language English

The case is an update of Turkey 2011. It reviews the history, politics, business system, foreign policies of Turkey in a global setting.

Teaching objectives

This case is part of a rolling series of country cases on emerging markets. Each case is approached in one of a number of ways: if I teach policy process, we start with the whop-the key players), their rationale, the tools they use to promote their interests/purposes; the outcomes, and the feedbacks. If the focus is on the business system, I look at the culture, institutions and structure of the business system, in the context of the the state, the country's material conditions, and perceived history; and the physical and ideational external worlds.

  • Turkey
  • EU
  • Politics
  • Business system
  • Economic policy
  • Regime change
  • Globalisation
  • Middle East
  • RD0711
  • AR2011
  • AR1011
  • IAF 10/11
  • IAF 2520611