Trusted Family (B): Building a Career with Family Entrepreneurship?

Published 28 Apr 2014
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Region Global
Length 2 page(s)
Language English

Studying or practicing? Being an entrepreneur or a manager? Working for the family business or not? How much should business-owning families support their young? The Trusted Family case discusses some fundamental dilemmas of next-generation family business members. It follows two young family entrepreneurs who launch their own company, a social media platform for other family businesses, thus finding not only a new way of working with the family business, but also how to leverage it.

Teaching objectives

1) Discussing career options for next-generation members, understanding the value of making one's own choices, understanding one's own position in a family business. 2) Discussing the pros and cons of providing support to a business as a parent and of the intergenerational dialogue. 3) Demonstrating the stages of entrepreneurship from opportunity recognition to professionalization and the role of the entrepreneurial team.

  • family business
  • startup
  • career planning
  • next generation
  • social media
  • parent generation
  • entrepreneurial teams
  • professionalization
  • Q31314