Supply Chain Restructuring at Portugal Telecom (A)

Published 30 Apr 2009
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Topic Strategy
Region Global
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Language English

Part 1 of the case provides a detailed description of the situation before the start of the project at PT. It enables students to diagnose problems, identify opportunities, propose solutions, and support those proposals by referring to the relevant theory from economics, strategy and negotiation analysis. Part 2 describes the actions taken by PT, their impact on a number of operational measures (cost, time to market, etc.) as well as the rationale that supports those steps. The teaching note provides a teaching plan and draws the links with the relevant theoretical material from the fields of Economics, Strategy and Negotiation Analysis.

Teaching objectives

To enable students to gain a sophisticated understanding of: 1. The practice of negotiation within a large procurement department 2. The institutional aspects of setting up and running a large procurement department 3. A broad range of supply chain restructuring moves implemented at PT and other companies 4. The theoretical bases (from economics, strategy and negotiation analysis) for these supply chain restructuring efforts

  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain
  • Negotiation
  • Telecom
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Outsourcing