Rank Xerox (C): The Success of Telesales (Condensed)

Published 30 Jun 2004
Reference 5138
Topic Strategy
Region Europe

Carlos obtained Fournier’s approval to implement “Telesales” (i.e., Carlos’s renamed version of Dubai’s Telemarketing). Telesales was successful within a year of launch. Success factors were: project’s IT aspect; salespeople’s acceptance of using computers; salespeople not resisting potential added control of Telesales; and offering of a complete package.

Teaching objectives

This case makes several points regarding best-practice transfers: having a working template (i.e., location to observe practice being transferred in operation) is valuable as a referent and a persuasive mechanism; sharing best practices often requires time to pilot and convince others to adopt practice; and being creative in communicating a best-practice initiative may be important to an initiative’s success.

  • Best-practice transfer
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Change carriers
  • Core competence
  • Cross-border transfer. AR2004
  • AR0304
  • RD0304