Justin Trudeau Wins 2015 Canada Election: A Blue Ocean Strategy in Politics - Background note

Published 16 Dec 2015
Reference 6186
Topic Strategy
Industry Public Policy
Region North America
Length 18 page(s)

The case describes how Justin Trudeau came from a seeminly hopeless third place (in the party rankings) to win a stunning majority and become Canada's 23rd prime minister. Trudeau's win is analysed through a Blue Ocean lens, showing how his campaign broke with the traditional rules of engagement by reaching out to non-voters, and increasing willingness-to-vote while lowering the cost-of-voter acquisition.

Teaching objectives

The case can be taught in any course that includes BOS, in MBA, GEMBA and EDP programmes, notably the BOS OEP. It can be used to let students/participants apply the BOS toolkit (value curves, etc.) to explain Trudeau's win.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Strategy
  • Public policy
  • Government
  • Q21516