Emirates Bank (A): An HR Transformation Journey

Published 29 May 2009
Reference 5562
Industry Banking
Region Middle-East
Length 16 page(s)

The case describes the efforts of Emirates Bank’s HR team to build a performance-oriented culture in order to facilitate growth. To introduce basic HR processes, resistance to change from the established management hierarchy must be overcome. More recently, business segmentation of the bank and an impending merger raise new challenges for the direction of HR.

Teaching objectives

To address the following issues: How should the HR function go about managing culture change in a Middle East context? How to improve performance orientation. What should be the strategy of HR when it has the personnel basics in place, as a firm expands, merges, segments and grows? Does the HR as ?business partner? concept make sense in the Middle East?

  • performance management
  • platform for growth
  • HR transformation
  • job family model
  • cultural change
  • business segmentation
  • resistance to change
  • RD0509
  • AR0509
  • AR0809
  • ADEC