The Bancroft Family and the Battle for Dow Jones: "Never Sell Grandpa's Paper"

Published 27 May 2016
Reference 6157
Region North America
Length 22 page(s)
Language English

Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, had been a source of wealth, pride and prestige for the Bancroft family for much of the 20th century. From 1928 to 2007, the family lived off company dividends and left the day-to-day management of the publishing business to senior journalists who had worked their way up through the ranks of the WSJ. But in 2007, when Rupert Murdoch – whose global media empire dwarfed that of the Bancrofts – offered to buy Dow Jones at a generous premium, the family was split down the middle. To sell or not to sell? The case explores the events that led up to the dynasty’s exit and the grandiose entrance of an Australian-American media mogul onto the US media scene.

  • Dow Jones
  • media acquisition
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Class B shares
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Bancroft
  • family business
  • dual shareholding
  • Q31516