Rupert Murdoch and News Corp: The Phone Hacking Scandal

Published 28 Apr 2014
Reference 5947
Industry Newspapers
Region Europe
Length 16 page(s)
Language English

Over fifty years, Rupert Murdoch built one of the most successful media conglomerates in the world. Though there had been criticism of his conduct in the past, it was only in the new millennium that allegations of phone hacking and bribery brought the threat of massive legal action against both Murdoch and his companies.

Teaching objectives

1. To explore the leadership characteristics of Rupert Murdoch as the head of one of the world’s most successful media conglomerates and in the context of charges of unethical and illegal conduct. 2. To examine the causes of the misconduct and the extent to which it can be attributed to “bad apples” (individuals) versus “bad barrels” (organizational factors) and Murdoch’s leadership of News Corp. 3. To examine responsible leadership in business – what is required of the responsible business leader?

  • Business ethics
  • Responsible leadership
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Bribery
  • Media
  • Phone hacking
  • Journalistic ethics
  • Q31314
  • Corporate Governance
  • Auditing, Risk Control and Performance
  • Governance, parallel planning, strategy, boards