Maxxium (A): Partnership Management in Action

Published 06 Jan 2004
Reference 5207
Region Global
Length 17 page(s)
Language English

Maxxium (A) covers the creation and growth of the wine and spirits distribution joint venture formed in 1999 by three different producers: Highland Distillers of Scotland, Jim Beam Brands of the USA, and Remy Cointreau of France. It highlights tools and principles that the top management team developed to guide its relationship with its shareholders, as well as with 3rd party brands that use their distribution network. Maxxium (B) details the addition of the 4th partner, and new partnership models that it has adopted. The case raises issues around whether and how the company should grow.

Teaching objectives

The cases are designed to illustrate effective partnership management within a joint venture. The case presents tools and principles that the top management team used in creating and running the new organization. It also explores more flexible partnership models employed by Maxxium in its geographical and product expansion.

  • Partnership management
  • Business development
  • Business development
  • Joint venture
  • Strategic alliances
  • Partnership management tools. AR2004
  • AR0304
  • RD0704