The GAVI Alliance (A)

Published 07 Apr 2013
Reference 5880
Topic Strategy
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Region Global
Length 24 page(s)
Language English

Tracing the evolution of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization since its inception as the first global public-private partnership for the immunization of children in the developing world, this two-part case offers an overview of the functioning and the funding mechanisms developed to shape the vaccine market and encourage western pharmaceutical firms to produce low-price vaccines for developing countries.

Teaching objectives

To show how a non-profit organization in the competitive global health arena succeeds in starting and scaling up operations through an innovative public-private partnership between stakeholders with (sometimes) competing agendas. Of particular note is the GAVI governance structure, composed of various partners with an interest in vaccines and immunisation, and the role of the board in achieving alignment and consensus between disparate constituencies.

  • GAVI
  • alliance
  • global public-private health partnership
  • immunization
  • vaccines
  • pharmaceuticals
  • market shaping
  • developing countries
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