Asian Private Equity (A): The Quest for Return

Published 26 Jul 2010
Reference 5712
Industry Private Equity
Region Global
Length 16 page(s)
Language English

A European multi-family office is weighing whether and how to invest in Asian private equity. Part A moves from a discussion of the historical and current state of Asian private equity to the outlook and risks associated with such an investment. It also starts a discussion of returns on Asian private equity and whether they adequately compensate for the risks identified earlier. Part B deals with implementation questions on how to execute an investment strategy in this market from an asset manager perspective. It follows up on the returns discussion from Part A, focussing on the top performing funds and how to identify and access them.

Teaching objectives

1.To get an overview of the Asian private equity landscape in respect of its development, size and growth prospects 2.To understand private equity as an asset class a.with regard to the relationship between LPs and GPs b.with regard to opportunities/risks and returns c.To discuss similarities and differences between PE in Asia and developed markets and what they mean for expectations of returns.

  • Private Equity Returns in Asia
  • LPs and GPs
  • Investing in emerging markets
  • Growth drivers in Asian PE
  • Target returns in Private Equity
  • Private Equity in Emerging markets
  • Risk-adjusted returns in emerging markets
  • RD0710
  • AR2010
  • AR0910
  • GPEI
  • GPEI-Case