The Turnaround Man (A)

Published 19 Jan 2007
Reference 5413
Region Europe

After guiding his team through a major upgrade of the production process, Wim de Boer, production manager and a board member of a newly bought-out cosmetics firm, struggles to find time to think about strategic issues. Tired of approving and following up on every move his people made, he resolved to keep two hours of uninterrupted time each day to think more broadly about the business. But when a new acquisition was presented at a board meeting without his input, he realized he was out of the loop.

Teaching objectives

This case shows how moving into bigger leadership roles challenges managers to operate in ways that run counter to what has made them successful to date. New leaders must learn to: - Adopt a strategic perspective - Work through coalitions and informal networks with people outside their direct control - Adapt their leadership styles to better delegate and involve others The case can be used to teach what the work of leadership entails and how assuming a leadership role challenges manager and individual contribiutors to rethink their roles and work values.

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