25 Jan 2019

INSEAD case authors comment on case writing

Monteiro , Carrick , case writing

“Students can be really knowledgeable – and passionate – about a particular company or region. They understand what their fellow students will like and connect with, and I have found them to be deeply engaged in both the research and the topics as case writing collaborators,” reports Felipe Monteiro, Affiliate Professor of Strategy, talking about the involvement of MBA and PhD students in case writing.

Anne-Marie Carrick, Research Associate, explains the unpredictable character of the process of case development: “There is no rule about how you will end up writing a case; they are all different, as are the faculty, and you need to remain flexible throughout.

For an in-depth look at creating cases, see “Working with case writers”, an article published on the Case Centre. Discover cases by Felipe Monteiro and Anne-Marie Carrick on INSEAD Case Publishing.