Reaching the South Pole

Published 24 Feb 2014
Reference 5701
Topic Operations
Region Europe
Length 34 page(s)

The case documents the epic race to the South Pole, with Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton competing to conquer what was considered the "last frontier on earth for explorers to discover." It allows for a comparison of three very different 'project managers', each with their own leadership styles, battling it out in the same hostile setting. Although these events occurred 100 years ago, the lessons are timeless.

Teaching objectives

The importance of leadership styles and of the fit between leadership type and project type (exploration or execution). Structuring a team for high performance from the start, and the importance of goal definition. The role played by values and the "rules of the game" when forming a team. The foundation of performance: roles and processes. And the final element: individual commitment. The case offers an illustration of the Goudsmet-Van der Heyden model for high performance teams.

  • Managing project teams
  • Project planning and control
  • Project leadership
  • High Performance Teams
  • Q21314