Managing Transplant Decisions at University Medical Center Leuven: Physician Behavior (A)

Published 06 Jan 2006
Reference 5163
Region Europe
Length 22 page(s)
Language English

Successful healthcare management positively impacts both the primary objective of quality patient care and the crucial bottom line. At times, it is a question of life and death, particularly in the specialized area of organ transplant. Here we see what could be considered as a typical 'day at the office' within a large medical center in Belgium. Looking at such a day, Jon Chilingerian and Philippe Vandekerckhove present in detail the challenges and operational issues in the high-risk medical world.

Teaching objectives

This case is an in-depth study to provoke thought and encourage class discussion on the various issues at play within a major healthcare institution. It provides students with an overall view of the functioning: operational, managerial and strategic, the conflicts that may arise and what can result from a mismatch of interests. The case is suitable for both operations management and healthcare management audiences.

  • Physician Behavior
  • Capacity
  • Medical Strategy, Leadership
  • Culture
  • Power and Politcs
  • Operations Management
  • Health Services