Expo'98 (A): Ticketing Strategy

Published 01 Jan 2000
Reference 4889
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 23 page(s)
Language English

In the Expo’98 (A) case, Julio Cardoso, an INSEAD Alumnus, is being asked to design the ticketing strategy for Expo’98. He needs to analyse the objectives for the Expo and to decide what pricing strategy will meet these objectives. He can analyse the results from the Vancouver, Brisbane and Seville Expo’s. But as each one is different, he needs to decide what is the optimal strategy for Portugal. The (B) case gives an overview of the pricing strategy that was chosen and the results of the strategy and the Expo.

Teaching objectives

This is a pure case on strategies for 'capturing customer value' or price discrimination. Expo organisers have market power and market the product to segments with different price elasticities (e.g. locals vs. Expo tourists). However, given that each Expo is viewed as unique, the challenge is to determine what can be learned from the pricing strategies and results of the other Expo's and to adjust it to the Portugal Expo. The case learnings can be extended to the pricing of other major events (e.g. theme parkes, sports).

  • Pricing
  • Capturing customer value
  • Market power
  • Price discrimination
  • Revenue management
  • Yield management. AR2003
  • AR0203
  • RD0503
  • RD0500
  • AR2000