Detained Chair (A)

Published 10 Feb 2022
Reference 6652
Region Global
Length 7 page(s)
Language English

This role play provides the participants with an opportunity to experience a live board meeting of a public company whose chair has been detained on suspicion of fiscal fraud and tax evasion. The emergency meeting has to decide 1. the fate of the incumbent chair: should he be immediately dismissed or not? 2. company’s and board’s positions on the arrest 3. succession - if the incumbent chair is dismissed, who should succeed him and when?

Teaching objectives

-Illustrate how boards of directors really work -Let the participants practice directors skills – listening, questioning, speaking up, framing -Apply crisis management frameworks to a practical situation -Discuss importance and components of leadership succession planning -Provide material for self-reflection and group coaching

  • Board chair
  • Board of directors
  • Chair succession
  • Crisis
  • Successors
  • Board meeting
  • Board agenda
  • Public company
  • Shareholders
  • Independent directors
  • Affiliated directors
  • Employee representatives
  • Executive compensation
  • Leadership
  • Q12022