Business Systems Analysis for International Business (Background Note)

Published 27 Nov 2017
Reference 6353
Topic Strategy
Region Global

International business research has identified the ‘liability of foreignness’ as a major obstacle to success abroad, both for firms and executives. This technical note explains how to use business systems analysis to reduce the liability of foreignness. It lays out the logic and outlines adaptation strategies for overcoming it. It also provides a set of questions to put the framework to use.

Teaching objectives

To prepare executives for doing business abroad and enable them to make more informed market entry decisions.

  • International business
  • Business systems analysis
  • Liability of foreignness
  • Varieties of capitalism
  • Culture
  • Rationale
  • Human capital
  • Social capital
  • Ownership
  • Corporate governance
  • Networks
  • Management
  • Financial capital
  • Q11718