Betting on Information Technology at the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club

Published 01 Jan 1993
Reference 4328
Topic Operations
Region Asia

The case describes an IT innovation driven by the necessity to better satisfy customer service requirements. The core of this application is the Customer Input Terminal, a bilingual (Chinese/English) hand-held computer with integrated communications and fund transfer capabilities, which allows customers to send their bets for horse races in Hong Kong from anywhere in the world. The case demonstrates the use of IT to support a customer-oriented marketing strategy and how IT assets were leveraged to generate new products. At a geopolitical level, it raises a major underlying issue: the impact on the Club's future and its IT centered business strategy of the 1997 return of Hong Kong to China.

Teaching objectives

Demonstrate the use of IT in solving a severe marketing problem Illustrate how to leverage IT assets in process innovation Discuss geopolitical issues associated with IT management